Monday, May 20, 2019

ALD 3.0 - Hiki No Video

Hello everyone this project is the official Hiki No video project. My team is the same one as last time with Anijah, Micheal, and Derek. Our story topic is the Kauai Resilience Project and what we intend to communicate to our audience is what the Kauai Resilience Project is and what they do. What the audience will learn from our video is what the project is about what they do how they help kids resilient and what they recommend to be resilient. We'll make them care because the subject is a very personal topic to the citizens on Kauai and it touches on things a lot of people can see or feel. From our rough cut critique we went out and shot more b-roll and made sure to add more breathing room and AV ties.

Photo Credit: Derek Rapozo

Photo Credit: Micheal Amoyo

Photo Credit: Anijah-Rose Tomacder
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) is an act that deals with copyright infringement on the internet and it protects internet service providers from the copyright infringement done by their customers. The legal consequences of using copyrighted material without permission is having to pay for damages which can amount to as little as two-hundred dollars to one-hundred fifty thousand dollars, impounding of the the illegal work, and the imprisonment of the infringer.

You can get permission for the use of the material by contacting the copyright owner and having them in writing confirm that you are allowed to use their copyrighted work. If you are unable to get the permission or are denied you may still be able to use it with "Fair Use". The concept of fair use is that you may use a copy written material without permission from the owners of the copy written item you can use fair use by your work being considered transformative you can get considered this if your work is a parody or a review of the work which are both works that fall into fair use when you use copy written work. While these are the two ways to be in fair use you must be sure your work is for a review the enhancement of the work from your use of it and for parody you are given a large about of leeway since for a parody you will need to use large amounts of the original work.

It is essential to gain permission to film because if you don't you could lose the right to use a certain amount of clips because you were not permitted to film there and not only are you not allowed to show the film you took but also because you could get in trouble legally if using it but also if it shows you doing something illegal i.e trespassing. Video release forms are forms you get the people in your video production to sign that means they understand that their likeness and voice will be used in your works and that it will be shown to a large audience and if you cannot compensate them that they will not be compensated and also that they are not legally able to sue you over their use in the production. These are mandatory for professional video production because it protects you from any legal issues and also means you can actually show the video without having to removing a interview or something else using someone who doesn't consents likeness.

In my opinion I think we did pretty good for our critique with the rough draft being in the threes for Overall message, 5 point story flow, and voice over tone with scores in the high twos for editing techniques and broll sequencing which at the time we did need to improve. In the final cut we have everyone of these in the threes and voice over beating 5 point flow of story and overall message being 1 point below it. I do agree with these new scores I think we really improved the broll and editing while still keeping the other parts good. I think we can address this in the future by being more in-tune with the possible sequences we can do and how to make our shot sequences creative and well made.

ALD 3.1 Evaluate the relationship between digital technology and criminal activity for its affect on the digital marketplace.
ALD 3.2 Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of digital content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

ALD 6.0 - Practice Story

Hello everyone this is week we will be doing a practice story before we finally tackle the big actually going to Hiki No project. The other people on the team were Anijah, Derek, and Micheal. When I joined it was already decided that Micheal would be the interviewee which I was okay with and it seemed like having him do it worked out well. I joined the team for this project mid way through it so at first I was given more of a support role to help people later on we discussed the roles and we decided that I should be the editor rather than Derek where he became the reporter. Anijah was director, camera, audio, and voice over, and Micheal was the producer interviewee, and writer. I think the changing we did lead to this project working out well.

Safety is a number one priority for production because you don't want to not only be responsible for an accident or even a death and you also don't want to have your media stained with that failure like say Bruce Lee's movie enter the dragon it will forever be known as "the Bruce Lee movie he died on" so not only do you not want someones death on your mind, criminal record, and maybe even camera roll.

I think the 3 BIG safety concerns you should when making a film and my team will have when filming is 1st the strap is no optional wear it use it and don't let it snag. I can confidently say that a majority of camera damaging is from someone thinking "eh don't need the strap I am smart and I am skillful I can handle this *crash* whoops" and you are in big trouble. The 2nd concern is whatever your filming you should probably not do something you are inexperienced in for a shot that is how your friend does his flip *click* got the shot and he just got a broken leg. The 3rd and finale concern which is overarching and generally will help you if you remember it have situational awareness the main reason someone is hurt something is broken whatever is not knowing your surroundings noticing the camera strap is hanging see that those rocks are wet knowing the weather may go to a unusable shot if you are aware you will be able to avoid all these damages deaths anything.'

Overall I find out scores were very good for this project. I agree with the suggestion. Exposure was one of the suggestions which I can see our video could of used some lowering of the exposure. The cutting on movement I also agree with I think I did fairly well but it definitely could use some more work. The final one is nat sounds which I would again say is an area we could use improvement I think for our story we did not have nearly as many nat sounds as we should have. I think for exposure we could of either change camera position or time of shooting to get a less harsh lighting. For cutting on movement I feel like we needed some more sequences and we should of took more shots and for nat sounds we just needed to do more recording of them.

ALD 6.1: Anticipate potential health and wellness concerns while operating computing devices in order to enhance workplace safety.